Mi’Sheberach for the Sick

Kahal Kadosh,  As per the Rav’s announcement on Shabbat,  please submit any names of cholim (not yet healed individuals) that you would like the Rav to include in his recitation of Mi’Sheberach for the Cholim at the Hechal, commencing on Rosh Hashana and throughout the month of Tishrei.   The list of names is replaced at the beginning of each Chodesh (month) with our tefillah that individuals will no longer need a refuah shelema.   Please continue to honour this process in an effort to add to the decorum of our tefillah.
Names for Cholim can either be added to the list located at the entrance of the Shul anytime before the Chag, or can be sent to info@koltorah.ca (no later than Tuesday night) for inclusion.  Please ensure to include the individual’s name and the Mother’s name.
Please remember that names which are not added to the listor are not given to the Rav in advance, will NOT be included in the recitation of the Mi’Sheberach.

Thank you.

Tizku Le’mitzvot