Kahal Kadosh,

There is a strong possibility that the Eruv will be down this Shabbat due to the ice storm. This would mean that one would not be able to take anything out of the home to bring to Shul or anywhere else. Those living in condominiums and apartment buildings would also not be able to carry items from their homes into the hallways and lobby of the building.

The following are some points to remember in preparation for this Shabbat:

  • Empty pockets before leaving the house
  • Keys to the home cannot be carried
  • Baby strollers cannot be pushed
  • Ensure that the item needed in Shul for Shabbat be brought there prior to Shabbat (e.g. reading glasses, prayer books etc.)
  • Although Tallitot cannot be carried to Shul, they can be worn to Shul
  • Ideally, spare buttons sewn to shirts should be removed before Shabbat

Should you have any questions or circumstances that require attention, please contact Rabbi Haboucha.

For an up to date eruv status visit:

Shabbat Shalom.