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Kol Torah Is Closed

Dear Members and Friends,
In discussions with Rabbanim, the Rav was informed that due to the seriousness of the situation and potential danger to the community as a whole, 
Kol Torah must and will be completely closed with no exceptions, until further notice.

Please make arrangements to pick up your Tefillin and any other possesions you may need.

I know how much we all love our shul and care for one another, but we have no choice.
I am sure this situation will be very difficult for all of us. 
Our pain is a sign of how much we truly care for one another.
May Hashem grant you all safety, health and happiness
and may we see the coming of Mashiach very soon
Tovi Mamann

Thank you for your understanding. 
We will continue to update the Kehillah as required.


The Rav and Leadership of Kol Torah, after consulting with Rabbanim and medical professionals, have determined the following protocol for Kol Torah: 

1.  Kol Torah will remain open for now, limited to its membership and regular participants who pray and learn at the Beit Hakneset. 

2. The following people should please learn and pray at home:

  • Anyone with fever or cough or sore throat or muscle aches or other flu-like symptoms.
  • Anyone who has been in contact with a confirmed case of COVID – 19 or someone with fever or other flu-like symptoms.
  • People with compromised immune systems and chronic illness should weigh their options carefully on whether they should attend services.

3. Please refrain from handshaking.

4. Please accommodate distancing of 4 Amot (approx. 2 meters) between each participant as best as possible. 


  • The Monday & Thursday Night Tur Beit Yosef Shiur will be CANCELLED this week (of March 16)
  • The Rav’s Tuesday night Ladies Shiur will be CANCELLED this week and until further notice
  • The Morning Gemarah Shiur will continue as scheduled.

Thank you for your understanding. 
We will continue to update the Kehillah as required.