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Parnas HaYom / Sponsor A Day of Torah Learning

Yom Hatorah 066

“Parnes HaYom” means “sponsor for a day“. This program provides an easy opportunity for members of the community to sponsor a day of Torah Learning within the Beit Midrash and to partake in the spiritual merit of all activities / Torah learning of the day.

Through Parnas HaYom, any ordinary day becomes one that yields everlasting returns.Yom Hatorah 072

  • Mark your special occasions,
  • Select days in memory of a loved one,
  • Honour someone close to you,
  • Celebrate a family simcha, a Bar Mitzvah, a wedding or a birth with a dedication
  • Demonstrate your gratitude to HaShem for a refuah sheleimah by becoming a Parnas HaYom

Your name and the name of the one being honoured will be prominently displayed in the Beit Midrash and on our website.

Become a Parnas today. Thank you for your generous support.

$54 donation for the day.  Tax receipt eligible.

Simply fill out the form below to get started.

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